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Commercial Projects

The Sanctuary Downtown, 2005

Orlando, Florida
This 18 Story, 173 unit Luxury Condominium was completed in 2005.  The Building features over 18,000sf Retail component on the 1st & 2nd floor, and a Level 5 Pooldeck, Community Room, and Exercise Room.  The building has 161 1-Story units, and 12 Penthouse units.  This building won the 2005 Downtown Development Board's  "Golden Brick" award, as well as the overall annual winner for the Downtown Development Board, the 2005 "Award of Excellence."

The Star Tower,  2007

Orlando, Florida
This 18 Story, 100 unit Luxury Condominium was completed in 2007.  The Building features Retail component on the 1st floor, and Rooftop Pool, Community Room, and Rooftop Terrace.  The building has 90 1-Story units, 6 Townhome Units, and

4 Penthouse units.  This building won the 2007 Downtown Development Board's  "Golden Brick" award.

Bongos Cuban Cafe,  2010

Orlando, Florida
Located at The Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL, This is a 14,000sf 3-story Restaurant & Performance Venue with a 6,500sf Rooftop VIP Club.  The Rooftop Club has it's own 1,200sf elevated VIP terrace.  The Client was Estefan Enterprises, with the project spearheaded by Gloria & Emilio Estefan.


This project was a renovation of an existing shell building, where a 6,500sf post-tension concrete slab was created above the existing rooftop.  This new level became the new "Rooftop VIP Club".  Andrew Sechler worked primarily with Emilio Estefan on this Bongos Cuban Cafe.  Gloria made an appearance at the opening.

Fresh Market Grocery, 2012

Naples, Florida
Located in Naples, FL, this 24,000 sf grocery was

part of a larger mall restoration & renovation being performed by Elite Universal for the Mall Owner.


A redesign of the Facade of the entire center was part of a separate scope of work for Elite Universal, which included Fresh Market.  Elite served as the Landlord Architect, for Fresh Market, and Architect & Engineer of Record.  Andrew worked on the renovation of this mall for over 12 months until it's completion in 2012.

Earl of Sandwich,  Disneyland 2015

Disneyland, Anaheim California

Elite Universal was Designer, and Architect for an addition and general renovation to an existing Earl of Sandwich at Disneyland California.  Andrew Designed the porch and dining areas with John McCann & Associates.  Andrew designed the hardscape pattern of vines & leaves which had to weave into an existing hardscape design of vines for this project.  He also did the construction documents for the porch structure, and all walls, planters, tables, as well as the renovation of the interior kitchen.  He and John McCann had a continuing services agreement with Earl Enterprises, designing Buca Di Beppo's, Earl of Sandwiches, and Planet Dailies for approx. 5 years.

Cafe Martoranos,  2009

Hollywood, Florida
Located at The Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL,

This is a 7,250 sf multi-level Restaurant & ub,  with a Gambling Venue Inside.  The Project carried a short, and strict deadline, which was met by the Contractor & Architect as a team.  The Client was Chef Martorano.  A subsequent revision to the space to add an outdoor bar & seating, as well as gambling tables inside were also performed by

Elite Universal for Hard Rock Casino.

Toys R Us,  2009

Coral Springs, Florida
Located in Coral Springs, FL, This is a 45,000sf new facility, with a partial renovation attached.  Elite Universal was the Architect & Engineer of Record,  performed construction documents, and construction administration.  This work was done directly for the Landlord, a client that Elite Universal has worked for since 2007.

Buca Di Beppo,  2012-2014

Eastern United States
Elite Universal worked on 9 separate Buca Di Beppo locations, from New York, to Florida.


Elite Universal worked directly with Vice President of Construction, and VP of operations for Buca Di Beppo to design & develop 9 locations, and prepare construction document & permit documents.  As part of a continuing services agreement with Buca Di Beppo, Elite worked on these locations for 2 years. 


A renovated design of Planet Hollywood led to a new Buca Di Beppo in Times Square New York City,

near the end of the expansion effort for Buca.


Elite did several other projects for Earl Enterprises during this time, including 8 Earl of Sandwich designs, and a renovation of a retail shop in Planet Hollywood at Orlando's Disney Marketplace in 2013

Dunlawton Square,  2011-13

Port Orange, Florida
Elite Universal was Designer, Architect & Engineer of

Record for a 5,600sf Outparcel Building at the

Dunlawton Square Shopping Center.


Also, as part of the Outparcel Building, Elite Universal

Was Designer, Architect & Engineer of Record for a Dunkin Donuts, within the building.  Elite Universal

also was Arch. & Eng. for a T-Mobile within the building.


A renovation to the Inline Retail Shops was also performed by Elite Universal.  Elite Designed a new paint scheme, parapet design, & column design as

part of the renovation of Dunlawton Square's Renovation. 


Elite Universal has performed work on several such projects with this client over many years.

Starbucks Coffee,  2013

Naples, Florida
Elite Universal was, Architect & Engineer of

Record for this Starbucks location in Naples, Florida.


Elite Universal was already working for the Mall Owner on various other locations at Riverchase Mall

in Naples, Florida.  This included other tenant improvements, as well as redesign of the mall facade.


Elite Universal has represented several Inline Retail Mall Owners for Renovation work, as well as Tenant Improvement thru Owner/Tenant Lease Agreement Contracts since 2007.

Artisan Showroom,  2016

Winter Park, Florida

Elite Universal was Designer, Architect & Engineer of

Record for this difficult building conversion from a lumberyard warehouse, into a series of designer showrooms.  Andrew Renovated & Engineered the overall building, and then was the interior designer

for the 6,000sf Artisan Showroom buildout.


Working with John McCann & Associates, this Construction Contractor team, along with MEP Design Engineering have successfully performed many jobs together from 2010-2020

Commercial Gallery,  2007-15

Various Projects & Locations

Elite Universal was Designer, Architect & Engineer of

Record for many types of commercial projects.  During the "great-recession", Elite Universal completed a great deal of work for Mall Owner's,

and Restaurant Owner's.


Elite Universal has posted this small sampling of work as evidence of the quality and wide range in scope

of the types of projects this firm has done since 2007.

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