Andrew F. Sechler P.A., NCARB

Andrew Sechler has explored many interests in life, including travel, art, music, video production, competitive sports, and Architecture.


In 1993, he got his Bachelor's of Science degree from the Ohio State University College of Engineering, School of Architecture, and in 1995, a Master's Degree in Architecture from the Graduate School also at Ohio State.  In 1998, he passed all sections of the 9-part National NCARB Architecture & Interior Design on the first attempt.


In 1995, he moved to Florida to begin his career, immediately finding work doing Theme Park Design, & Themed Resorts & Attractions.  In his early career, he worked on several projects at Universal Studios, and Disney, as well as other projects within Florida.  In 2002, he began to work directly for a construction firm/development company as their in-house Architect where he designed Multi-Family Highrise, Mid-Rise projects, & Single Family Homes.


Elite Universal has succeeded during the economic recession, and even fluorished, with repeat clients such as Orlando International Airport, Buca Di Beppo, Hard Rock Casino, along with strong support from local Contractors.  Inline Retail Renovation, & Restaurant Design became a staple for Elite Universal from 2007-2014.  In 2015, Andrew is seeing a revival in Multi-Family Residentail work in his workload.


Contractor's supply a great deal of Elite Universal's workload. The design-build relationship is one that Andrew is comfortable with, due to a history of Contractor or Developer based Service Experience.

He also works directly with other Archtiectural Firms, sometimes offering Construction Documents Services.  He also enjoys residential homes, and working directly with homeowner's, as it offers a break in the pace of Contractor/Developer based work.

Andrew F. Sechler

Andrew Sechler has numerous additional portfolio projects which can be made available upon request.  These Projects have been posted as evidence

of the quality of work that Andrew Sechler, and the Elite Universal team has completed.  Elite Universal wants to thank it's hard working team starting

with N. Sam Ahmad, P.E., LEEP AP, who is instrumental in starting the business, and has provided Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & Fire Protection Engineering for Elite Universal.  Mason Xie, P.E., who owns ASE Engineering Services, and provides Structural Engineering.  David Sechler, who Andrew owns another Architectural Firm with in Colorado called "Sechler Architecture".  Kevin Morris, Mike Villenueva, Jason "Red" Resener, Rob Turner, Gary Davis, and other Architectural & Engineering support who have helped carry the company through the years. 


   And Finally, Brady Vinje P.A., & Pete Ed Garett P.A., Robert Schlenker P.A., Gerald Koi P.A., Peter Sechler, ASLA, Charles Sechler, Lois Sechler,

       who have all provided valuable Professional Mentoring and Support, at key points during Andrew's career.