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Recent Projects

The Brownstones, 2018

Orlando, Florida
This 3 Story, 28 unit, 67,000sf  Luxury Townhome Project was completed in 2018.  The Building features a rooftop terrace, with engineered trusses for a hot tub, and summer kitchen with secondary raised floor system.  This upgrade was selected by many, and increased the profitability for the Owner/Developer.

This project was financially successful for the Owner.

The plan offered built-in retrofit options for an internal elevator, and options for the kitchen area.  An effort to convert the Constitution Green Park across the street into a dog park, and initial on-street parallel parking was also suggested by Elite Universal & others, which happened as a result of the project, for the betterment of the neighborhood.  The project has been financially successful, and a great addition to the many buildings Andrew Sechler has done in Thornton Park.

Park Place, 2020

Winter Garden, Florida

This 3 Story, 32 unit, 70,000 sf. Luxury Townhome Project was completed in 2020.  The Building features 3-story Townhome with built-in retrofit options for an internal elevator, and options in the kitchen area.  The design of this project was financially successful for the Owner, and exceeded his financial projections.  This building won the 2020 Orlando Business Journal Award for the $10.5 Million category.

The Project had to be approved by Planning & Zoning, and City Council, which Elite Universal assisted with.

Marina Isle Assisted Living,  2020

Sanford, Florida
Located on Lake Monroe in Sanford, FL, This 54,000sf 4-story Assisted Living Facility an ambitious rezoning of the Marina waterfront site for this Institutional Healthcare use.  The project is a full service facility featuring Memory Care, Medical Treatment facility, Physical Therapy, Hair Salon, Chapel, 2 Dining Rooms with Commercial Kitchens, Cafe with prep kitchen, Exercise Room, Movie Theater, and 4 Lobby/Sitting Rooms.  The project also features 4 stories of Outdoor Enclosed Porch facing beautiful Lake Monroe.

​This project had a thorough code research exercise to ensure that all Building Codes & AHCA requirements were met the more intense "Institutional" classification of this residential & medical facility.

Tremaine Boyd Building, 2020

Winter Garden, Florida
Located off Plant St. in Winter Garden, FL,

This 3-story, 38 unit, 30,414sf Mixed-Use Project featured 10,820sf of Retail/Business use on the first floor. The Site was part of an Urban Renewal effort with the City of Winter Garden, which also preserved the Water Tower, and connected thru an outdoor patio to an existing Sobo Art Gallery.  The Project won the 2019 Orlando Business Journal Award for $5 Million Dollar Category.  Tremaine Boyd was financially successful for the Owner/Developer.

The Project had to be approved by Planning & Zoning, and City Council, which Elite Universal assisted with.

Reunion Grande Nicklaus Clubhouse, 2020

Reunion, Florida
Located in Osceola County, FL, this 16,460 sf  2-story Clubhouse featured a full service Restaurant with Commercial Kitchen, Pro Shop, Outdoor Dining, Locker Rooms, Fitness Center, and Golf Cart Parking Garage.

The project was built into the side of a hill, which required a retaining wall on 3 sides of the project where the golf cart park is.  The retaining wall featured a 3 layer waterproofing system with drainage.  The outdoor dining was constructed over an interior space, which also required waterproofing design and research.  The building features beautiful vistas for the 18th & 1st tees on the golf course, & the design exemplifies the grandeur of Reunion Grande.

Hollywood Dailies,  2013

Los Angeles, California

This 9,250 sf Restaurant is located in Culver City where the Hollywood Film Studios are located, and it is a common place where people working in that industry have lunch.  It is also a place where  "Mario Lopez", of ''Saved by the Bell" fame, hosts a daily radio interview show.  His interview couch, and show is within this restaurant in a VIP area.  This project was particularly interesting because of it's location, and connection to Hollywood daily life, and the people who work there.  Again, working thru the continuing services agreement with Earl Enterprises, and working with John McCann & Associates, and our existing team which did many Restaurant & Entertainment renovations during this time.


Windermere Center,  2020

Windermere, Florida

This 29,500 sf Business & Retail Commerce Center was Designed by Andrew, and he is the Architect.

Managing his longstanding Professional Design team consisting of ASE Engineering, MEP Design Engineering, and Tri-3 Civil Engineering, this was a smooth process.  Tri-3 Civil handled the Planning & Zoning, and Elite Universal ran the Design team and coordination with the Contractor, Birchmier Const'n.

Andrew and this team have participated in several financially successful project with this Owner/ Developer, and design team over the last few years.


Cocina 214,  2020

Daytona Beach, Florida

This 6,152 sf Restaurant is located on the Oceanfront in Daytona Beach.  There is an addition 1,800 sf of outdoor dining space, and Tiki Bar.  This was one of many projects with our longstanding Design Team of MEP engineering, ASE Engineering, and John McCann & Associates, where we successfully designed and constructed 39 Projects together over 14 years, mostly Restaurants.  During this time, I was formally trained as a Commercial Kitchen Designer, and informally by other Professional Kitchen Designers.  Because of this, I have been able to perform my own Commercial Kitchen Design for my Clients on Restaurant Projects.  I have personally designed, created specification books, and handled submittal to the FDBPR on over 15 projects where it was needed.  This skillset has made me a valuable team member on Projects where food service, or aspect of it are involved, in order to coordinate with the MEP Engineer, and other team members in a timely manner, especially during the Design phase.


504 Building,  2021

Winter Garden, Florida

Located on Plant St. in Winter Garden, FL, This is a 10,000sf new facility,  Elite Universal was the Architect & Engineer of Record for this Business Office

Building located on the corner of Park & Plant St. in Winter Garden Florida.  It was the 3rd Project for this Owner/Developer.



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